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An American hotel is not just any hotel

Since the early 19th century they have been Icons of style, opulence and social influence. Shaping our appetite for luxury, technology and the cultural landscape across the 50 states. Amerifine is celebrating these qualities by launching soon the book “Amerifine Icons of Luxury: Hotels” with the inimitable art and culture publisher, Assouline.

We have selected 50 of Americas most Iconic hotels each with rich stories to tell. They represent a tapestry of extraordinary locations, exquisite American design,  and run by American hoteliers with a passion for great American hospitality.


Steinways’ Legendary Piano Builder: Santé Auriti

Steinways’ Legendary Piano Builder: Santé Auriti 1024 683 Amerifine

Of all the exterior pieces of a Steinway grand piano, the intricately carved legs with their decorative floral motifs are perhaps the most conspicuous, and on a Steinway grand — especially on the upper-range models such as the Louis XV and Chippendale series — the legs match the piano casing so well that, visually, it’s as if they were all carved from one giant, solid block of wood. While this isn’t physically possible, the illusion created by the instruments’ aesthetic owes much to the handiwork of one particularly dedicated Steinway craftsman: casemaker Santé Auriti.

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Packard Luxury American Cars

Packard Luxury American Cars 1024 683 Amerifine

For Amerifine, this is where it all began. In the early 70’s my late father was a collector of cars and in that context he bought a Packard in Nepal while he was travelling, and he shipped it back home in a dozen tea chests with the chassis in a container.

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Discovering American Luxury: How Students at Parsons School of Design Identified “Made in America Luxury”

Discovering American Luxury: How Students at Parsons School of Design Identified “Made in America Luxury” 756 1024 Amerifine

For graduate students wishing to prepare themselves for a career in the management and marketing of luxury goods, a program run by France’s emLyon Business School in concert with Parsons School of Design in New York City helps them to do exactly that by allowing them to learn directly from some of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in luxury-goods-related industries.

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